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Where is maven black briar quill

The Quill of Gemination is an item used in the Thieves Guild quest "The Pursuit." It belongs to Maven Black-Briar and was lost by Mercer Frey's guard Vald. The Quill is in Vald's Strongbox, which has a leveled lock and is located in a sunken rowboat slightly north of the halfway. Obtained during The Pursuit where it must be given to Maven Black-Briar to gain access to Mercer Quill of Gemination display on the 1st floor of the Library. There's always a sweet spot in EC games, where if you sit in the right place near the top of the water, you can see through the water like it's air.

Its the item maven black briar asks for, a quill of some description, i forget the name of the quill. It is under a lake but there seems to be no indication or quest. Dampened Spirits: Put Maven Black-Briar's competition out of business. Vald's Debt: Find the Quill of Gemination to clear Vald's debt to. Vald previously completed jobs for Maven Black-Briar, but during a job in which he was transporting the Quill of Gemination across Lake.

Maven can typically be found at The Bee and Barb and if asked, will explain that Vald lost her Quill of Gemination somewhere in Lake Honrich. quill of gemination. where can i find the quill @Jela'n, did you return to Maven Black-Briar when you found the quill? She's the one you give it.

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