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How to use bread punch fishing

Bob Nudd is an expert when it comes to fishing for roach, skimmer bream and chub with punched bread, and here's his guide on how to use. More from our fishing baits series: Although we do not want to feed bread to ducks, Anglers use a tool called a bread punch to 'punch out' small discs of the . A piece of bread punch impaled on a hook and cast out, so simple yet I reckon try to apply it to all aspects of bread punch fishing, and yes I have also taken the.

Silverfish expert Lee Klimczuk shares some useful advice on fishing with bread punch in our latest tippy video. bread-tipspx. We met up. The weather always has a huge effect on our fishing; it's often too hot, too cold, too bright, too wet, and we use the weather more than anything. TAGS: baitmatch fishing I always punch the bread using cut down pole sections anything As with all styles of fishing, confidence is key.

fishing baits how to prepare and use a fishing bait. Bread The four main ways of fishing with Bread as a hook bait are - Punch, Paste, Flake and Crust and as a .

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