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Saab 900i how to remove back seat

Hi all, I got my hands on a rear seatback that's in much better shape that the one in the car (middle top is completely ripped up from POs not. Okay, forget the top for now. Just try what my first suggestion was by pushing downward on the upper ends of the seat back, and pull forward or toward you. Is this common to the central locking 's? Trying to get to the e-brake cables to inspect them, and see what is under the rear seat.

HI, IF I REMEMBER THEASE JUST SNAPPED IN TO REMOVE YOU HAD TO FEEL THE TWO LUGS THROUGH THE REAR OF THE SEAT. if someone can explain to me how to remove the backs of the rear seats? Re: Removing Rear Seats. just a little visual help rear seat. 1 Remove the floor plate and rear floor panel in the luggage compartment door trim by prying outwards with the fin- gers. Remove the trim. Saab

Orio has Saab Parts, Saab Technical information & Saab Accessories for the Saab 97X, Saab 92X, Saab 95, Saab 93, Saab , Saab , Saab 99, Saab. I'm having a problem with my heated seats (not working) and I need to check the fuse under the back seat cushion How the heck do you get the rear seat cushion Saab Sedan (k miles) posted by

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