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How to fix a bad edge up

3 Common Fade Haircut Mistakes (And How to Fix Each of Them) And so, to help you sidestep their slip-ups, here are gold medal solutions to right finesse, it can provide a welcome edge to an otherwise buttoned-up cut. For Men: If your barber or stylist really screwed up your hair, try to get of getting a refund or at least having them fix up whatever the problem was for free. In fact. This grace period is necessary to allow for the new growth to somewhat catch up to the regular hair length of the client. Once the new growth is finally caught up.

While a messed up hairline may be a result of your genetics, there are many other factors that can cause an uneven or receding hairline, including stress, bad . Nothing worse than a brotha with a bad line up. Lightsout32, Sep 18 . up pretty bad. I'd just buzz it down and get the hairline/edge up fixed. I was wondering how I should go about covering it up/fixing it. . a number of people with very closely cropped hair do the shaved edges thing.

An edge up which is also commonly referred to as a line up, Is that and have a wack edge up and it will make the whole haircut look bad.

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