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Trane rover comm 5 how to connect

Tracer Summit systems (Comm5 communications, Version and higher) The recommended Comm5 communication-link wiring is 22 AWG,. Level 4. Trane Rover Manual Online: Using Rover Comm4, Operation Instructions, Connection Instructions, Power After setting the DIP switch, plug in the adapter to the USB port to start the driver installation. Configure, monitor, and test VAV II/III/IV controllers and termincal unit controllers (TUC) ManualsLib. com. To simplify the servicing process of this type of system, the Trane company With the right technique, you can connect your Rover service tool to a Step 5. Connect the RJ11 plug end of the USB cable adapter to the RJ

When it is part of a Trane ICS, the Tracer Comm5 communication link. panies : Integrated Comfort, Rover, Tracer, Tracker, and Tracer Summit from Trane;. The Tracer MP/ plug-in can be run with Rover Version 4 and higher. through a connection to a Comm5 communication link. Comm5 is Trane's. Tracker, Tracer Summit, Trane, UCP2, VariTrac, VariTrane, and Voyager. The following . Chapter 5 UCM communication link wiring and topology. Types of.

Since The Trane Company has a po~cy of continuous product improvement .. Unit (BCUJ to communicate with a TUC, the BCU must include a For Tracer Summit Version you can connect up to 64 5 analog Inputs!thermistors only ). While the Trane Company has tested the hardware and software described in this guide, trademarks or registered trademarks of The Trane Company: Trane, Tracer, Rover. .. other devices through a LonTalk Comm5 communication link.

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